But HOW do I fight?

This is something that bothered me badly.  Everyone said I had to fight the depression, fight the anxiety, fight the steady, then marked decline in my thinking and memory.  I’d BEEN FIGHTING those for SOOOOO Long.  But my fighting wasn’t working anymore.  Over twenty years of medication, lights. diet, everything the doctors suggested and I was spiraling down all over again. Decades ago I had … Continue reading But HOW do I fight?


via Daily Prompt: Cacophony   This is the sound inside my head as the memories started surfacing.   All those things I couldn’t bear to remember that something in my skull decided I had come along enough to launch into.      Naw, wasn’t in my skull.  Felt like it at the time, and the clamour in my mind, the racing, spinning thoughts. hazy half-pictures and … Continue reading Cacophony